Can your child write his/her name in cursive?

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Can your child write his/her name in cursive?

Having the new logo on the top of the screen made me think of how sore my hand got in 2nd grade with all of the writing practice. Now that public schools treat cursive as optional I'm not sure how this generation is ever going to sign anything. They're the real generation X! Thankfully, with things going digital it might not be a problem. That and now adults get to have their own secret form of written communication. It's all good!

But yeah, my son can write his name in cursive.


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Re: Can your child write his/her name in cursive?

Yes, Maddie can write her name. She's not very fluent in cursive though. She's an artist and it appeals to her from an artist point of view.


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Re: Can your child write his/her name in cursive?

I did not even know one should have a choice. At first it was -how do you say- logger/lock heads all the time. This boy-man has such a neat handwriting I feel like displaying it.
dpeachy1 you are so funny, generation X.
You know in our coutry there are real people who still sign like that. Or the children sing, but then they probably do not see anything of their state pension. But that a totally different issue.

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