high school diploma vs. GED

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Re: high school diploma vs. GED

retha wrote:Homeschool diplomas as GREAT specially if Momma's who has been working very hard is the one issuing it.

I think you deserve not a diploma but a Professor in administering all the learning you gave!

Maybe we should issue all of us one! :D


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Re: high school diploma vs. GED

Emily isn't able to do GED . She will receive a homeschool diploma. :D

Can you believe this will be her senior year? :shock:

Nope! When we all started this we were talking elementary and now we're talking diplomas!

I just signed Noah up for Penn Foster today. A friend of mine loves it. Her son graduated a year early. My niece says it's too easy. Noah wants to take Algeabra 1, 2 and Calculus, though. That might toughen it up. :)


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Re: high school diploma vs. GED

dpeachy1, am only repeating what you already know - you know best for Noah.

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