Post Wed Aug 27, 2014 9:00 am

Penn Foster

Noah just took a class in one day and got an 85 on the final exam. He earned 1 credit. It was a computer class and what kid doesn't know about computers? He said a lot of the information is outdated and that's why he didn't get 100%. He said he read all 40 pages of the material this morning. He had to read it online so obviously he knew a little bit already, right?

I thought less of the school at first, but then I thought maybe it's just the normal homeschool scenario. He can go over as much material as he wants for as long as he wants and take the test when he's ready.

At public school, a teacher would have lectured and explained the first 2 pages for 20 minutes. A minimum of 5 minutes would have been spent getting the kids to sit and pay attention. Another 5 would have been spent explaining the homework assignment and answering questions. Imagine how long it would take if actual computers were involved!

So, I'm not thinking less of the school just yet. I'm not backing out because I paid for it already. I'm wondering what to do with myself if he graduates really early. Take up knitting? What will I do with him for that matter? Is it too early to be thinking of these things?